Ativan Side Effects

Generic Lorazepam vs. Ativan

Ativan is such a commonly used brand name that most patients who take lorazepam simply refer to their medication as Ativan. Ativan is become such a strong brand that it’s analogous to using the term Kleenex for tissue paper, or Coke for a soft drink. Generic lorazepam has for most individuals become the preferred way to use this medication because of its what lower expense and widespread availability most pharmacies. There have been few if any reports of problems related to generic substitution of lorazepam for Ativan and terms are generally used interchangeably. Many physicians simply prescribe Ativan and sign up prescriptions with substitution allowed and pharmacists routinely substitute generic lorazepam.

As with any generic medication generic drugmakers simply need to prove that there generic product achieves serum drug levels consistently within an allowable range comparable to the branded product. The pricing of generic lorazepam at the drugstore is roughly $15 per 30 tablets of 0.5 and 1 mg tablets and $22 per 30 of the 2 mg tablets whereas the price for brand name Ativan is $91 for 30 0.5 mg tablets, $122 for 31 mg tablets and $194 for 32 mg tablets. This major price difference makes strong economic incentives for patients and third-party payers to use generic lorazepam in place of branded Ativan.

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